Welcome to our site. We are excited to have you here, and want to show you how easy it is to buy new, returned, overstock, and even used items, all starting at one dollar. Shawn J Dostie, Auctioneer, CAI, is an Auctioneer in Coshocton Ohio. He has provided us all with an online bidding platform called UBidNWin.com As needed, but at least once monthly, UBidNWin gets truckloads of merchandise from major retailers. They unload the trucks, that are full of new, returned, and overstock items. After that, they go through the trucks, visually inspect, test, or plug in every item, and report their findings so that you, the buyers, can make an informed decision. Check him out on Google, all 5 star reviews.

Take a look around, see what has been offered, and what the prices realized were. Check for current auctions, then check past auctions. Feel free to register when you see something you would like. Registration is free and easy.

After testing, the items are cataloged with an accurate description and photographs of either the specific product, or a stock photo.

All items are then uploaded to the bidding platform, where bidding starts at $1.00 on every item. You may bid from the time the auction is uploaded until the closing time. This is where it gets exciting! At the time when items begin closing, a dynamic close begins to take place. It is a close replication of a live auction, meaning that as bids are placed, the closing time is extended just a bit, so that everyone has the opportunity to get their final bids in. Once the item gets no more competing bids, the bidding closes and a winner is determined.

Checkout is so simple, and automatic. We also ship worldwide.

Periodically, we will notify you of products that we have multiples of, and offer them at a significant Buy It Immediately (BII) Price, while supplies last.

Thank you, and Welcome to our Auction Family,

The Staff of UBidNWin,
Shawn J Dostie, Auctioneer